Cercles d'études esséniens

What is a Massala ?

The word “massala” was formed from “mas” (“house” in Provençal) and “sala” (sun” in certain dialects of Latin or Provençal origin); it is the house of the sun, the temple of the sun, a place where people meet to carry out rituals, ceremonies, arcanas, to sing, dance, pray, meditate and share the study of Essene wisdom, the teaching of the Book of Living Nature. A massala is a circle of study and global training of man, a center of education and awakening of consciousness.

One learns to turn one’s thoughts to the higher worlds, to master one’s feelings and to direct one’s will to harmonize with the will of the Father. This is the true education, the true training, the individualization of the being. A massala is also a temple, that is, a gateway to the sacred world, forming the boundary on earth with the profane world.

To engage in a massala is to want to take one’s life into one’s own hands and consciously participate in a work.

The one who wants to go to the higher worlds must rebuild himself. For this, one must be conscious and free, responsible and able to engage in intelligence. He who wants to be his own master must essentially become a conscious, free, thoughtful being. He must be able to exercise his judgment, to weigh the pros and cons, and to remain upright, in balance.

This is the way of the middle, of tolerance, of freedom and of action. An awakened being practices tolerance, awakens intelligence and works for peace. He does not let himself be seduced by the intelligence of evil or by that of good, because he knows that good can generate an imbalance and be only a semblance or an imitation.

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