Cercles d'études esséniens

The word “massala” means house of the sun, a place where people meet to sing, dance, pray, meditate and share the study of Essene wisdom, the teaching of the Book of Living Nature. A massala is a circle of study and global human formation, a center of education and awakening of consciousness.

To join a massala is to take one’s life into one’s own hands and to consciously participate in a work.

Massalas are for those who want to become their own masters by becoming conscious, free and thoughtful beings.

In these places of healing, we learn to exercise our judgment, to weigh the pros and cons, and to remain upright and balanced.

If you too want to walk the path of the middle, of tolerance, of freedom, of action, of awakening, of intelligence and of peace, then the massalas represent an oasis of essential resources in this quest which is destined to you…